Research And Development

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mployees several developers and engineers that are among the best in their field. Laud Media invests a great deal into research and development of new products, software and systems.

It is very important to stay ahead and be the nr 1 provider in the sector with the best products. This ensures the costumers satisfaction by using Laud Media as a systems provider for their current needs and for the future.

Laud Media products and software are developed ?in-house? and tested in one of our 3 Tech-labs, with state of the art equipment, to ensure the best quality possible on our products. This also ensures the best possible after-sale service for all the costumers, by being able to answer and respond to requests fast and efficiently.

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Laud Media employs a total of 23 persons in the company including Turkey and freelance developers and installation crew.
Turkish operation is led by Country Manager Odd Roar Olsen.

Currently Active Projects

By understanding and reacting to our customer?s needs, we can offer them the best technical communication solutions and thereby help them to improve their sales. In this way we can improve our company?s value and serve in a postive partnership with our customers.

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Laud Media wants to be the leading provider of solutions for presentation and distribution of audio and video to dedicated markets.